“Let her and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse in a free and open encounter?” Milton, Areopagitca-1644




My name is Dale K. Mensing.  I defend the integrity of the Bill of Rights.

The past twenty years or so have brought to my ears the repeated exclamation that, “We just have to accept the fact that the Bill of Rightsjust isn't real for us anymore.” Well, the Bill of Rights is very real for me.  I will defend that reality by exposing attacks on freedom.  All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for enough good people to do nothing.

The purpose of the 20,000 page Affordable Care Act is for it to serve as a foundation for the fundamental transformation of the United States. The ACA is a foundation for transformation because it is a setting for attacking the freedom of religion, the right to privacy, and the right
not to be objectified by the government.  Freedom of religion is being attacked because millions of citizens embrace a spiritual sanctification which requires separation from any system that even appears to endorse contraception and or abortion. The right to privacy is being attacked because, within the ACA, there is a non-HIPAA compliant statement in a “hidden source code” which states, “You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication of any data transmitted or stored in this information system.”  Let me assure you that every diminishing of your privacy is a diminishing of your freedom.

We are being objectified as our right to the freedom of self-determination is being systematically challenged.  We are being told to sign up and purchase a product that is designed for the purpose of our subjugation.   Article I, Section 8 of the constitution makes it clear that laws should be “necessary and proper."  Attacking freedom under the guise of providing help is anything but necessary and proper.  It has been said,  “Control health care and you control the people.”

We need a constitutional answer to our countries needs.  We need to put the patient first.  This means that the ACA needs to be revoked.   We must  be aware that a primary author of the ACA, Robert Creamer, is a radical communist criminal who espouses systems of deceit to gain public acceptance of the law.  Deceiving the public is the opposite of putting the patient first.  Voting to approve a law without reading it is not a way of putting the patient first, either.  And, putting the patient first means putting the whole patient first, including their religious faith.

Of course, we need to guarantee entitlements already provided in MediCare.  We should consider providing different approaches for different types of people:  Something akin to a health savings account for those who could best benefit from that approach.  We need plans that encourage
rather than discourage doctors to serve in rural and remote communities.  Also, finding a way to evolve away from absolute Federal oversight of health care would certainly be in the best interest of the patient.  The people of Northern California certainly know what to do for the people of northern California far better than Washington D.C. Knows what to do for the people of Northern California.

I know that exemplary health care and truth must co-reside.

The above video presents an address to which campaign contributions may be sent.  Dale K. Mensing is no longer running for political office, and the address presented is expired. 

​                                         Fundamental Transformation

 There is a law.  The law is hard to read.  The law is far too complicated for any mortal to fully grasp.  The law has 20,000 pages and never stops growing.  The law encompasses one sixth of the United States economy.  The law violates religious conscience.  The law violates moral conscience.  The law violates the basic American premise of self-determination.  The law is pervasive to the extent that it delves into the most private and personal elements of people's lives.  The law, called the Affordable Care Act, objectifies the American people.  Its purpose is to provide a foundation for the fundamental transformation of the United States.

                                                            *                     *                 *

Everything about the law is falsehood.  The Tenth Amendment was intended to prevent repeating the likes of King George III.  The Tenth Amendment was intended to prevent the likes of the Affordable Care Act.

 In order to justify their usurping of the Tenth Amendment, the leaders of the Progressives have resorted to the Commerce Clause, which is found in the third paragraph of section 8 of the first article of the Constitution, and indicates that Congress shall have the power to regulate commerce among the several states.  The method of regulating commerce is found in paragraph 18, and provides that Congress may make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution such regulation of commerce.  I feel very strongly that regulating commerce does not mean usurping and dominating commerce.  And, I feel that, "necessary and proper" are just the opposite of the Affordable Care Act. 

 The Affordable Care Act is a culmination of ideas which together assert the concept that the government knows best, does best and has the right to lie, cheat and connive because the end justifies the means.  In order to understand this outlook, may I suggest that you consult  President Obama's playbook.  The book, acknowledging  Lucifer, is called, RULES FOR RADICALS, and was written by Saul Alinsky.

 The antidote to the Affordable Care Act is an evolution.  In deference  to the Bill of Rights, federal oversight and taxing for health care must completely give way to State and local oversight.  I call this evolution, "Medistate."  By way of Medistate, the States, local governments and private organizations would then have the money to doctor and nurse if they were not being robbed by the absurdly expensive bureaucracy of the federal system.