​I  have become deeply aware of the fact that my country has a cause. My country's cause is the fulfilling of the continuing role of being the world's example of what must be achieved in the centuries long, holy quest for Freedom. American Freedom is actualized in equality and self-determination. I ever seek to be part of my country's cause. The fact that there is a vital, continuing struggle in the quest for the complete realization of equality and self-determination demonstrates the true existence of Freedom's unholy rivals: the loathed spirits of captivity and objectification. The method used to create the dual malefaction of captivity and objectification is a governmentally induced dependence – wherein individuals are trained to ask, “What can the government do for me?” rather than, “What can I do for my country?”             America's Freedom comes from education and courage. We are free because we know what we need to do and we have the courage to do it. We will continue to be free as long as we have the courage to be educated about Freedom. There is a high refinement about what we are as a free people-- a refinement which once adulterated by ignorance and its consequences, may never again be attained. So, the vital element to this refinement is the understanding that being educated about Freedom can never be taken for granted.

Hence, the following:

The enemies of Freedom know that “miseducation” [To educate improperly (American Heritage Dictionary), a wrong or deficient education ( Collins English Dictionary)] is the key to Freedom's abolition. Advanced are three primary processes for miseducation.

The first primary process for miseducation is the attempts to greatly reduce the power of the State. The power of the State is a key element of the American system that brought about Freedom in the first place. True Freedom of thought persists because of absence of centralization. Each of the colonies had a different approach to life, and therefor there were at least thirteen different approaches to education. Being part of the British Empire demonstrated to the colonists that a distant central authority breeds captivity, objectification, and dependence. Of course, some centralization is necessary to the Union. Yet, education by experience revealed to the colonists, the patriots and the framers that too much centralization is very bad for Freedom.
     Much of the answer to the potential problems of over-centralization is found in the Tenth Amendment: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." As the idea of education is not found in the Constitution, education is reserved to the States or the people. Of course, for several arenas elemental to everyday life, such as education, the Tenth Amendment is a vital hallmark of Freedom. So, the Liberal hates the Tenth Amendment.
     The attempt to eliminate the power of the States and the power of people is called Statism. Defining the term, “Statist”, Dictionary.com says, “the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic, political, and related controls in the state (“state” meaning: federal or national government) at the cost of individual liberty.” In order to eliminate the power of the States or the people, the federal government overtaxes the individual. This overtaxing removes potential resources for education from families, school districts, counties, and States. In order to retrieve some of the tax money, these debilitated groups, then, generally allow themselves to be bribed by the federal government. The money comes back with very serious strings attached.
     Prominent among the strings attached to federal education money is the insistence that communist ideas must be taught and applied. Such ideas include assertions or implications that it is wrong for a law abiding citizen to own a gun, the idea that freedom of religion means freedom from religion, the idea that the federal government has the final word on curriculum and teaching strategies, and the idea that the main purpose of education is to prepare a person to be a productive functionary in a global economy. Among many other things, the Statist way of thinking brought about Ronald Reagan's signing of the U.S.-USSR Education Exchange Agreement in Geneva in 1985. The Statist way of thinking also brought about Senate Bill S.1177, the Every Student Succeeds Act, Which became Public Law No: 114-95 on 12/10/2015. Both of these federal actions provide templates for communist indoctrination of the students in the public schools of the United States.

The second primary process for miseducation is the implementation of the purpose and philosophy of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
To understand the United Nations is to understand that it is built all about the United States. It was founded in San Francisco. It is headquartered in New York City. It is the offspring of the League of Nations, which was the brain child of the “Jekyll Island” American President, Woodrow Wilson. Although there are 193 countries in the UN, 22% of the financing comes from the United States, 5% comes from Communist China, and 2.5% comes from Russia.
     Because of our Freedom and what we have done with it, the United States is unique in its greatness. Our greatness makes us the primary target of Communism. The United Nations is used as a platform from which to attack us-- seeking to destroy us for what we are. One of the principal goals of the UN is to limit national sovereignty-- especially that of the United States. Our principles of equality and self-determination can continue if we firmly hold on to our independence. Yet, the more that we subject elements of our society to the auspices of a global organization that ever seeks to limit and eventually abolish all nation's national sovereignty, then the less Freedom we will have.
     I respectfully suggest to the reader that they take into consideration the origins of the United Nations and the philosophies of its most significant founders,  Alger Hiss (founding member of the Ware Group, a covert organization of Communist Party USA) and the Woodrow Wilson protege John Foster Dulles-- both of whom were promulgators of "Internationalism," or the “One World Order.” Be assured that 1950's "Internationalism" or our current  “One World Order” or “New World Order” mean, “Communist United States.”
     UNESCO's communist onslaught is found in California's classrooms under the name, “Common Core.” On November 17, 2004, UNESCO signed a “Cooperation Agreement” with Microsoft to develop a “master curriculum” which has become the foundation of Common Core. According to Dennis L. Cuddy Ph.d., “Gates initialed every page and agreed that this curriculum was to reflect UNESCO's values. These values were explained in first UNESCO Director-General Julian Huxley's UNESCO: ITS PURPOSE AND ITS PHILOSOPHY as including “a scientific world humanism, global in extent and evolutionary in background”—May,11,2015 NewsWithViews.com. Such “a scientific world humanism” has found its grand standard bearer in John Dewey, who's influence has done much to establish a receptive audience for Marxism in the youth of America.
     Common Core curriculum is Statist. The monitoring of the students is overtly Orwellian. The federal purpose of Common Core is to arrange students to be able to participate in an arranged global production system (outcomes/performance based education), reflecting the 1985 Geneva Summit's U.S.-USSR Education Exchange Agreement.
     Common Core standards and tactics are an effort to eliminate the American spirit of courageous individuality, free thinking and vibrant self-determination. Rather than being debased by the influence of UNESCO, our schools need to teach with the purpose of helping students understand and achieve their inherent roll in the working out of Liberty.

The third primary process for miseducation is the liberal and the neoconservative applications of the principles of Trotsky's, "Fourth International."
     The objective of The Fourth International is to eventuate socialism in various countries, especially the United States, with the ultimate goal of world communism. Leon Trotsky wrote, “Despite all the defeats of the proletariat, the position of the class enemy remains a hopeless one. Capitalism is doomed. Only in the socialist revolution is there salvation for mankind.” -- Open Letter for The Fourth International​, First Published: New Militant [New York], August 3, 1935. Translated: New Militant.
     The founding of the neoconservative movement involved the embracing of the communist philosophies of Leon Trotsky. Irving Kristol, regarded as the “godfather of neoconservatism” was a Trotskyite in 1940 and became an avid proponent of Statist, Centralized Government. Basic Trotskyite financing and basic neoconsevative financing come from related elitist globalists. An example of this globalist financing is the use of Elihu Root, the founding chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, to facilitate the financing of Trotsky's Bolsheviks.
     Another demonstration of globalist financing of socialism comes from Anthony Sutton. In his, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Sutton wrote of top tier financier Andrew Carnegie's financing of the “Marburg Plan.” This was a plan in which the world's governments would become communist, while the ultimate power would actually be in the hands of the Wall Street types “to control its councils and enforce peace [and so] provide a specific for all the political ills of mankind.” In his, History of the Jews in the Soviet Union, Alexander Isayavivh Solzhenitsyn points to the “amoral logic of this long and consistent relationship” between Wall Street and socialism. Carnegie's involvement in the “Marburg Plan” was only a part of his seminal and singularly wide efforts toward miseducating the American youth toward a scientific world humanism (Communism).
     The fact that the arch-globalist Bechtel Corporation financed Ronald Reagan's winning bid for the Presidency, demonstrates President Reagan's actual neoconservative colors. His neoconservative affiliations explain his being an accomplice to the aforementioned 1985 U.S.-USSR Education Exchange Agreement, which has helped to quietly circumvent the west's supposed victory in the “Cold War.” Globalist George Pratt Schultz negotiated the U.S.-USSR Education Exchange Agreement. Please note that George Pratt Schultz (Secretary of State), Caspar Weinberger (Secretary of Defense), William Casey (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) , and Kenneth Davis (Deputy Secretary of Energy) were all with Bechtel before they became part of the Reagan administration.
     Truly, the most influential individuals within Congress support the neoconservative ideas of centralized, elitist, anti-constitutional government that fosters a reinforcement of all things “New World Order.” This includes going along with NAFTA, the Patriot Act, the two Invasions of Iraq (the first invasion of Iraq was a United Nations Police Action), and strongly supporting communist Common Core education. The multiple facets of Agenda 21, such as “Smart Growth”, government-private partnerships such as ICLEI (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives) and William Clinton's, “President's Council on Sustainable Development” are all globalist concepts supported and perpetuated by neoconservatives. These concepts are also integral to the goals of the neoconservative's Liberal, counterparts: the leaders of the Democratic Party. Regarding the Democratic party, I respectfully suggest to the reader that they study the relationship between  Franklin D. Roosevelt's Vice-President, Henry Wallace, and the communist cell of Harrold Ware.
     When the neoconservative president George W. Bush chose to promote the Statist, “No Child Left Behind” education debacle, he appointed the liberal Senator Ted Kennedy to work out the details. It was liberal President Barack Obama who pushed the States to administer Common Core miseducation.

The attempts to greatly reduce the power of the States, the implementing of the purpose and philosophy of UNESCO, and the applying of the principles of Trotsky's Fourth International are three processes embraced by essentially the same people. If they like one of these processes, then they like the other two. They are a breed that seeks to objectify everyone but their own ruling class.
     Statists, UNESCO, the neoconservatives and the Liberal Democratic leaders understand that the essential first step toward implementing communism is the miseducation of youth. By way of their scheming, federalized education is the weed from which slavery is to be propagated.
     We must show courage! Liberty requires the kind of education that only courage can bring.

Primary Processes for Miseducation


This video augments my reference to Carnegie's "Marburg Plan," in the above essay.   



        “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” Milton, Areopagitica