COMMON CORE'S SOCIAL ENGINEERING

                                         The Definitive Objectification

Common Core State Standards Initiative is federal domination of education. I see two primary forces behind Common Core. The first force is a small, very wealthy group of people who realized that they could make money exploiting the existence of the second force.   The second force is the Federal Government's decades long desire to mold and control the people by molding and controlling education. Through Common Core, these two forces found that their marriage could get them what they both want. Money and influence go to the first force. The second force receives advancement toward their goal of implementing social engineering.

Where did Common Core come from?  It came from Bill Gates.  In May of 2009, The Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership received 2.2 billion dollars from Gates for the purpose of getting Common Core rolling.  And roll it did.  By March 2009 President Obama had a bribe ready for the States: accept Common Core and you can have millions of taxpayer dollars . It is convenient for Bill Gates that he loves the idea of social engineering and that he has the influence (money) to facilitate a grand scheme to become the grand government education crony . His ilk will publish 80% of the textbooks and “provide” all of the computers (each student will have one).

Those who assert the goodness of Common Core avoid the fact that no one asked any of us whether or not we wanted to have a fundamental change in our approach to education.  Why should they actually ask you what your opinion might be of how or what your children will be taught?  At the time that it was forced down our throats as an “initiative,” no one had even yet read it.  In fact it had not yet even been written.  It works like this: first, the Federal Government over-taxes the citizens.  Then, acting contrary to the 10th Amendment, the Feds offer billions back to the States.  The 2009 offer was called, “Race to the Top.”  In order to receive “Race to the Top” funds, the States had to agree to implement Common Core when it would eventually be written.

California did indeed actually agree to implement something that had not yet been written.  The thing was eventually written as standards which eventuated tests which eventuated curriculum.

I have been objecting to Common Core because it embodies an objectification of our State's students.  Bill Gates has made it clear that he sees Common Core as a way to money: “it will unleash a powerful market of people providing services for better teaching.”  Yes, a “market.”  That is definitive objectification.

The curriculum is sectarian.  The monitoring of the students is overtly Orwellian.  The federal purpose of Common Core is to arrange students to be able to participate in an arranged global production system (outcomes/performance based education) reflecting the “U.S.-- USSR Education Exchange Agreement.”

Common Core standards and tactics are an effort to eliminate the American spirit of courageous individuality, free thinking and vibrant self-determination.  Our schools need to teach with the purpose of helping students understand and achieve their inherent roll in the working out of Liberty.

Common Core violates these three Federal laws prohibiting any federal direction of curriculum for grades K-12: General Education Provisions Act (20 USC paragraph 1232a), Department of Education Organization Act (20 USC paragraph 3403(b), Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (20 USC 7907(a).

*********************************************************************************************************  "The right to be let alone is the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."  Louis D. Brandeis