Should you and I ask questions about chemtrails?

In 2014, one of my campaign supporters asked me what I thought about geoengineering. I told my campaign supporter that I knew nothing about it, but that I would look into it.  What I learned is a variety of things that I feel everyone should be thinking about.

The first thing that I found to be very compelling was a Shasta County, California Board of Supervisors meeting that was held on July 15, 2014.  I found it quite notable that it was the most well attended Supervisors meeting in the history of Shasta County.  That attendance record caused me to take special note of what was being said.  Scientists took the podium and explained their understanding of the shockingly caustic effects on the environment of what are termed, "chemtrails."  I have learned that chemtrails are a method of geoengineering -- they involve the spraying into the atmosphere a variety of caustic chemicals. These caustic chemicals form cloud-like trails from jets, and I frequently and regularly see them in the skies above Humboldt county.

I respectfully suggest to the reader that they access the audio-video record of the Shasta County meeting in which Dane Wigington spoke at length about various element of chemtrails. Below is a link to this video.  Also, Dane Wigington has a website that contains a great deal of information on the subject.

My friends Bud Rogers and Krystina Schindler broadcasted a weekly radio show for a full year on KMUD radio on which they interviewed many people and provided much information.

I have many questions and I know a few things.  I know enough tell the reader that dealing with chemtrails is one of the three primary issues of my campaign for the house of representatives.  As I post these paragraphs, I plan to add more in the days and weeks to come.

I encourage the reader to investigate the geoengineering conference at Chicheley Hall, England in late March, 2011.

Below are websites that will help you to understand the threat to our environment.


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