Our schools leave much to be desired.
Teachers having to buy supplies from their personal funds is unacceptable!

Our facilities should be examples of prosperity not broken down disgraces!

The government overtaxes us and fails to provide for the vital investment in our childrens' futures.

As your Congressman I will ever work to

   -reduce federal waste

   -redirect federal funds

   -find State, County and Civic fellow workers to find answers, so that your money can be redirected to bring funding to:

  -Increase teacher's salaries

  -Repair, replace, expand, improve school facilities

  -Provide ample classroom supplies

  -Provide a sufficient number of modern quality school buses 
We need an immediate answer to deal with the new realities of life-threatening violence at schools.

As your congressman I will work with anyone and everyone I can to get armed security officers in all public Schools.

Students faculty and staff need a responder in 15 seconds, not 15 minutes.

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